Amazon sells fake hard drives

One of the reasons why we usually buy in Amazon It is because the store gives us some confidence. We know that what we buy is usually original, that things arrive, and that if we have a problem we can always claim and there are usually no problems getting a refund. However, within Amazon they also sell, without any control, other sellers, who make all kinds of products available to us. Sometimes they can even seem like real bargains. But, authentic, they have nothing.

The hard drives and SSDs They are some of the products that we can find in this store at the best price. In addition, they are also products that are usually on sale very often. However, not all bargains are trustworthy, especially when they come from other sellers.

The case for the 16TB SSD

One of the external SSDs that has gained the most popularity on the web has been the Samsung External SSD. This was one of the first to arrive, and one of those that has given the best results in the long term. It is true that right now we can find many other brands competing in this sector, but Samsung is still a safe bet.

That is why many Chinese vendors have decided to imitate Samsung’s SSD and sell users devices that, although they appear authentic, are actually fake products. It is common to see this type of thing in stores like AliExpress, but also in Amazon?

A quick search allows us to see these types of devices on Amazon. But while Samsung’s 500 GB model costs around 100 euros, these Chinese models go even further, and offer us 16 TB for 90 euros. They also have USB 3.1 and USB-C connection to be able to connect them to the mobile. And sometimes even Amazon sends italthough he does not sell it.

Fake SSD Amazon 2

Obviously these are hacked units. In the best of cases it will be an expensive 64 GB flash drive, which they have put into a casing and sold as an SSD. But, of course, it is not an SSD, nor is it 16TB, nor does it have USB 3.1 speeds.

Always check reviews

These products do not usually last long in the store, and therefore only have a few reviews. And, of course, all bad. When they connect the drive to the computer, they find that it does indeed have a capacity of 16TB, as promised. But it’s because the chip has been hacked to change its capacity. Any hard drive and SSD analysis software will scan the surface of the drive to find out its actual capacity. If we don’t, we can start copying files to the unit, but when we reach its real capacity we will see that data gets corruptedand even all kinds of errors.

If we buy one of these units, and we have problems, Amazon will refund our money, although the seller will put a lot of problems and problems, and even not respond. But the best is always bet on original modelseven if they are more expensive.

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