Amazon sent me a message, but I can’t find it: they are all saved here

What initially began as a book store, over the years has become an e-commerce giant. It is more than likely that many of you make use of this internet store to get all kinds of products. At the same time, if we subscribe on your platform Amazon Primewe will have many other additional services and advantages.

For example, we will have access to a streaming video service on demand with a multitude of movies and series included in the subscription itself. It is also worth noting that we will have unlimited space on your servers to store all our photos. All this not to mention its streaming music platform and the e-books free. But those who shop regularly at Amazon’s massive store will most likely appreciate not having to pay shipping costs.

This will allow us to receive products comfortably at home and also in record times, without having to pay the mandatory expenses in many other stores. In addition, the e-commerce giant also tries to keep us up to date on everything related to our account and changes to it. At the same time, it keeps us informed about the offers that appear in our wish lists and much more.

How to see the messages arrived at our Amazon account

In one way or another, the online store tries to keep us up to date on all the information that it considers might be of interest to us regarding our account. Surely many of you already know first hand that this information reaches us in the form of notifications to mobile or to the device alexa. Depending on the use we make of said Amazon account, the number of these messages and notifications can be quite high.

While some of them are completely inconsequential on most occasions, others are important. For example, those that refer in a special way to our deliveries or returns of products in purchases. Well, at this point it is important to know that all those messages that we receive over time are stored for later consultation. In this way, if we have missed something regarding our account Amazonwe can consult it again whenever we need it.

For all this, the first thing we do is access the Online store from our favorite internet browser and authenticate with our credentials. In this way we access our personal account and then we will have to go to the Amazon Message Service section. Here we are going to find something similar to any other email service, but with a list that lists all the messages that we have received from the platform over time.

As an example, we will tell you that we can find the status of our orders as the store has indicated, or the latest offers that are considered interesting for us.

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