Amazon throws the price of its Echo and Fire TV Stick with this offer

The cheapest Fire Stick TVs

Amazon’s most affordable Fire TV Stick, the Lite, It is one of the products that today receives a price reduction. In this way, the small team, with a cost of 29.99 euros, reduces its label to 19.99 euros, taking in exchange a device of very small and manageable dimensions with which you can stream the content you want on the screen or television that you want.

With Full HD quality, the Lite does not forget the remote control with support for Alexa, in addition to facilitating access to numerous applications, skills and a good number of channels, such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney +, DAZN, Atresplayer, Mitele … , and music platforms such as Amazon Music or Spotify, among others.

His brother Fire TV Stick (3rd generation, which was renewed this same 2021) has also suffered a reduction, being able to acquire at 24.99 euros (instead of the 39.99 euros that it officially costs). Remember that unlike the Lite, this model offers compatibility with Dolby Atmos and its remote also adds the TV controls (we mean the power and volume buttons).

Do not miss this good opportunity.

Echo Dot at the best price

The other Amazon product that also drops in price in the showcase is the famous Echo Dot of the house. The most compact and inexpensive speaker with Alexa assistant available reduces your cost by up to 21.99 euros (we are talking about a reduction of 56% compared to its official cost) in its version of 3rd generation and even the 29.99 euros (the original figure is 59.99 euros) in that of 4th generation.

One of the lowest historical labels for a compact size device (especially in the case of the 3rd generation model, of course, in the shape of a disk) that you can place wherever you want and that comes with the famous voice assistant Alexa, thanks to which you will be able to enter the world of the smart home, having a computer to make any kind of consultation, listen to music, make calls or use to execute commands in connection with other equipment (such as light bulbs, switches or the TV in the living room , for instance).

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