Amazon to lay off another 9,000 employees in a round that affects AWS and Twitch

Amazon is laying off several thousand more employees. Specifically, 9,000, which will be added to the 18,000 that have already left the company in recent months. The news has been confirmed by the CEO of the company, Andy Jassy, ​​in a statement sent to the workers, in which he points out that the staff cuts They will affect its AWS cloud division, Twitch, Human Resources, its advertising division, and its technology and experience solutions division.

Until now, most of Amazon’s latest layoffs have been in the latter division, as well as the one that handles stores. Of course, although it has not been officially confirmed, several dozen people from AWS also left in the previous round of layoffs.

In the statement, Jassy blames the layoffs on economic uncertainty, noting that the company has decided “refine more in costs and personnel«. He also points out that instead of rushing through their assessments to announce the downsizing all at once, they decided to take their time and announce the news to those affected when each team has finished their analysis.

Thus, Jassy has recognized that «some may wonder why we don’t announce these staff reductions with the ones we confirmed a couple of months ago. The short answer is that not all of the teams were done with their reviews by the end of the fall, and instead of pushing for quicker assessments, we chose to share the decisions we’ve made on the teams so people would have the necessary information as soon as possible. The same thing happens with this announcement, because the teams that are going to be affected have not yet made a final decision on which positions are going to be cut. Once these decisions are made (our goal is for them to be between the middle and end of April), we will notify the affected workers.«.

Despite the layoffs, Amazon remains one of the world’s largest employers, with about a million and a half workers currently. It is a much higher number than that of other technology companies, which, although they have tens of thousands of workers, do not even come close to the volume of staff that Amazon has.

This announced round of layoffs is a surprise, not because of the layoffs, but because they will significantly affect the division whose revenues are among the most important for the company: the one dedicated to the cloud, AWS. It continues to be in relatively good health, but its trajectory in terms of growth in recent months has not been as good as in recent years, something that also reflects a certain slowdown in investment in cloud infrastructure.

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