Amazon wants to adapt the Warhammer 40K game in series, it is confirmed

The Warhammer 40,000 license is going to be serialized by Amazon. The American giant has bought the rights and intends to put actor Henry Cavill in the title role. A dream for the whole community of fans in the universe… of which the British actor is a part.

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Update: It’s now official! Henry Cavill announced on his Instagram page the start of construction of a “cinematic universe” based on Warhammer 40,000. No more information on the moment, but the project is well underway.

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It’s a fantasy for millions of fans that is about to come true. Amazon would be on about to buy back the rights to Warhammer 40K. The announced objective is to produce a series with Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, The Witcher).

The Hollywood Reporter indeed indicates that Amazon is in “the final stages” of discussions with Games Workshop (the publisher of the license) after months of tough negotiations. Other streaming companies wanted to buy the rights, but the balance would ultimately tip in favor of the firm founded by Jeff Bezos.

A Warhammer 40K series with an ultra fan in the title role

For the moment, the series has not been officially announced, and no showrunner is yet attached to the project. But THR specifies that the stated objective to put Cavill in the lead role. He would even act as an executive producer.

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A dream come true for the British actor, who has never hidden his passion for the license. An opportunity all the more interesting for him as he is no longer attached to any major project. He has indeed given up on The Witcher series and is no longer involved with DC. While he wanted to take over Superman’s cape, James Gunn (recently appointed creative director at Warner) ultimately did not call him back, his goal being to start from scratch with the DC Universe in the cinema.

For laymen, Warhammer 40K is basically a wargame, a game of miniatures to paint and use in battles against other players. It mainly marks by his gothic space opera universe. Taking place in the distant future, 40K features the human Imperium as well as different alien races (Orks, Eldars, Necrons…) fighting each other. The license is now multimedia, since it has been declined in novels, comics or even in video games, as with the recent Darktide. Its particularity is to be extremely vast to allow everyone to imagine their own stories. The scriptwriters will therefore have great freedom in the adaptation. Note that there is also classic Warhammer, which takes place in a heroic fantasy universe.

No release date announced at this time.

Source : The Hollywood Reporter

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