Amazon will in turn lay off 10,000 employees, just after Twitter and Meta

According to the New York Times, Amazon could announce massive layoffs as early as this week. The company is reportedly planning to cut around 10,000 positions across the business, including some of the staff in its consumer devices division.

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According to a recent New York Times report, e-commerce giant Amazon is planning the largest layoff plan in the company’s history, cutting around 10,000 jobs. According to people familiar with the situation, the cuts will primarily focus on the company’s consumer devices team, which is home to the struggling Alexa business.

Already a few days ago, everything indicated that Amazon was going to put aside its intelligent assistant. In question, the vertiginous fall in the stock market of the American giant, which lost no less than 1000 billion dollars in value in just a few months. This is a record that Amazon would have done without, sincehe is now forced to part with part of his payroll.

Amazon will fire nearly 10,000 people

While Twitter led the way by laying off half of its workforce, before being joined by Meta, which also fired several thousand people, it would now be Amazon’s turn to reduce the number of employees. Indeed, the e-commerce giant is considering cutting some 10,000 jobs. This would represent approximately 3% of Amazon’s office workers and less than 1% of its global workforce of more than 1.5 million people, which is mainly made up of employees paid by the hour.

In recent months, CEO Andy Jassy ended trials of Amazon Scout, the company’s robotic home delivery initiative. Amazon Care, the telehealth and nursing service also closed. According to the Times, these cuts reduced the company’s workforce by about 80,000 people between April and September.

Faced with these difficulties, the American giant had decreed a hiring freeze for small teams in September, followed by a company-wide freeze at the beginning of the month. It remains to be seen whether his layoffs will allow Amazon to recover in the coming months.

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