Amazon will open its first clothing store in 2022

Amazon will launch into physical commerce, with a first store expected later in 2022.

When we think of Amazon, we think of the advent of online commerce, also called e-commerce. Nevertheless, in recent years, the sprawling firm has been trying to diversify by operating in fields all more different than each other, from tech products to video games, through the production of films and series. If there is one sector in which we did not expect the American giant, it is physical commerce.

Indeed, as the whole world tends to go digital, Amazon wants to open its own clothing stores in cities around the world, starting in Los Angeles this year. But Amazon has a little surprise in store for us, because it will be an original concept rather than an ordinary clothing store, Zara or Jules style.

A shop almost like the others

The firm said: our first-ever physical apparel store offers a personalized, convenient shopping experience where Amazon’s technology and operations make it easy for customers to find the styles they love at great prices. “In short, your Amazon application but better because you can try on clothes, but also benefit from clothing advice from influencers, among others.

The store will be called Amazon Style, and will be aimed at both men and women. The Amazon Shopping application will serve as a magic wand for customers, who will be able to consult the clothing catalog directly online, then send them to the cabin with a simple button. From there, they can also ask to see other sizes or to have other clothes sent to them by the advisers in store.

In the cabins, customers will also have access to a tablet allowing them to manage their experience as they see fit. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is pay for your items online from your Amazon account. The company does not mention it in detail, but we would expect to see the cashless payment system already available in some stores.

This first brand should open its doors by the end of the year at The Americana at Brand shopping center in Los Angeles. Similar international projects have not yet been announced and we do not know if this kind of store will reach our Atlantic coasts.

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