Amazon’s best-selling Smart TV is from Xiaomi and drops its price by 25%

The mobile manufacturer Xiaomi, little by little, has been expanding the catalog of products that it sells far from its borders. Along with mobile phones, scooters and vacuum cleaners, one of the products that offer us the best value for money are smart televisions, this model being a real bargain that we can not let escape.

Xiaomi makes available to us on Amazon three models of smart TVs with interesting discounts. The model that has the most discount, specifically 25%, is the one with a size of 42 inches, a television that, thanks to its connectivity, we can also use as a monitor for our computer or console or simply to watch television.

25% discount on the 43-inch Xiaomi Smart TV

Xiaomi’s 42-inch model is one of the most complete that we can currently find on the market, a model that has 4K resolution, which will allow us to enjoy any type of content in the highest possible quality, as long as it is adapted to this.

Inside, there is the Amazon Fire TV, which allows us to install each and every one of the applications that are also available for this Amazon device, in order to access Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime and others. It includes a remote that allows us to manage the television through voice commands, includes bluetooth support and 4 HDMI 2.1 ports.

The usual price of this smart TV is 399 euros, however, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it currently has a discount of 100 euros, that is, 25%, so it remains in only 299 euros. It has dimensions of 95.72 x 24.14 x 60.71 cm and a total weight of 6.95 euros.

if we are too small

If the 43 inches of this model are too small for us, Xiaomi also makes two more models available to us. On the one hand, there is the 50-inch model that has exactly the same features as the 43-inch model, a model that has a 22% discount and a final price of 349 euros. The usual price of this model is 449 euros.

The 55-inch model is also available on Amazon with an interesting 22% discount, dropping from the usual 499 euros to a final price of 399 euros. This model shares the same features as the 50 and 43-inch models.

If we do not have space on the table in our living room, we can mount the television on the wall using a VESA support, since the range of Xiaomi televisions is compatible with this type of support. The best-selling model on Amazon currently has a 27% discount on its final price and is compatible with models from 26 to 60 inches, being compatible with most patterns (400×400, 300×300, 300×200, among others). ).

vesa mount

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