Amazon’s Echo Dots are lowering their price again with this offer, run!

Price drop for more compact Echos

Both the Echo Dot of 3rd generation like the 4th generation they have been lowered in price to make buying them even easier. The first of them is again placed at 24.99 euros, a fantastic cost, considering that its original label is 49.99 euros. You can buy it by clicking on the link below:

Regarding the 4th generation model, both the standard version and the one that incorporates a digital clock are also discounted, so that the first one is placed at 34.99 euros (instead of 59.99 euros, which is its official price) while the one with watch is placed at 44.99 euros (and not the 69.99 euros that hangs on the label):

As Amazon products, they are all sent and sold by the company with the facilities that this implies: you can have them at home tomorrow with shipping costs free (If you are from Prime, of course) and enjoy convenient and fast returns in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Echo Dot 3rd and 4th generation, the cheapest speakers

Alexa smart speakers are known for the good results they deliver. its voice assistant It is very decisive and capable, in such a way that it offers you all kinds of solutions both to questions that you ask and tasks that you ask it to perform. And, as you know, these teams are not simply a source of questions and answers to find out what the weather will be tomorrow or check which films Almodóvar has directed; They are also a perfect switchboard to get started in the home automation and thus have all the household appliances connected, asking Alexa to turn on the bedroom light or turn off the electric boiler -to give just two simple examples.

In the case of the Dots, they have the advantage of being the cheaper of the catalog, so that they are a very accessible way to enter the world of the assistants without paying much – even less now with the offers that you have a little higher.

Remember that the third generation is the one that has been accompanying us the longest and is in the form of a compact disc while the 4th was presented last year, updating the design to a more attractive and modern spherical shape but also something larger.

Have you already decided which one to keep?

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