Amazon’s Fallout series is breaking news!

Amazon is betting big on its series inspired by the Fallout games, which will go into production from this year. We take stock.

The productions, serial or cinematographic, are more and more popular in recent years. They sometimes even manage to overcome the craze around adaptations of books, however very fashionable. However, there is a series that we haven’t heard about for a while. Remember, in July 2020, Amazon announced the adaptation of a legendary franchise: fallout.

A production that starts soon

We knew very little about him then, and a little more about his production. We knew indeed that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy would work together to write the script. Todd Howard, the director of final games must also be on the project, in order to steer the creative team as much as possible towards the intention of the franchise. Great news for fans since it should avoid any nonsense or discrepancy on the story.

Today, Amazon returns to this project by specifying that it is Jonathan Nolan who will be in charge of writing the very first episode. He who illustrated himself on the series Westworld should succeed in portraying a compelling post-apocalyptic world to us. As a reminder, Fallout takes place after a devastating nuclear war, as the survivors attempt to rebuild what is left of humanity.

Two reputable showrunners in support but still no casting

Always behind the scenes, we learn of the arrival of two new recruits, not so new as that. Indeed Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner were hired as showrunners, after working on Captain marvel and Silicon Valley respectively. So a great little team… which currently has no (known) actor to direct. We must not forget that this is a live-action project, so a casting should soon be unveiled.

In any case, Amazon says production of the series should begin this year, so we can expect an acceleration of announcements in the next few months, as everything falls into place for the big show. No availability date has yet been announced, and we remember that the company is working on another game adaptation, the Mass Effect series with (perhaps) Henry Cavill headlining.

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