Amazon’s free games in October are for all tastes

As the months go by, Amazon opens a small hole in our hearts gamersamong other things, for the effort you are making to give away titles that can end up forming an extraordinarily extensive library and interesting. And proof of that policy of those of Jeff Bezos is the bouquet of names that Prime Gaming has reserved for us for October. And how could it be otherwise, the rings of Tolkien’s universe have a lot to say.

One service to redeem them all

What stands out the most in this month that is beginning is that, as has become a tradition, Amazon turns again with League of Legends, specifically with those Worlds that are held in the fall and that suppose what for soccer fans is a World Cup like the one that will take place in Qatar, only that in the case of the Riot title it takes place every year and can be seen in its entirety through Twitch, completely free.

That world championship (if eSports fans let us define it that way) of League of Legends will have its impact on Prime Gaming through the gift of an exclusive badge for those who watch the Worlds and, incidentally, access to the game directly from the Amazon platform. That way we can centralize all our activity in LOL without leaving the clutches of the internet giant.

But besides that League of Legendsand surely caused by the premiere on Prime Video of The Rings of Powerwe can enjoy a game inspired by The Lord of the rings How is it Middle Earth Shadow of Waran action title that takes us to Tolkien’s literary universe and that will come in handy to fix some events that we could intuit within Amazon’s fiction.

Classics and consecrated names

We are sorry to advance it in the order of mention, but Prime Gaming is giving away this month of October 2022… Loom!!, Lucasfilm Games’ masterpiece from the year 1990, a SCUMM graphic adventure that has gone down in history for its originality and that, the oldest of the place, will still be licking their lips for the good games and times that it gave them.

In addition to that gem, Prime Gaming leaves us a little bit of everything, of games that will satisfy practically any video game taste. For example Fall Guys, Ubisoft’s online competitive hit that’s super fun when enjoyed with friends; either Robloxwhich is another mass phenomenon you’re still on your way to becoming like Minecraftand that marches steadily and creates a community as faithful as it is active.

roblox game

For the end we leave two well-known names as they are Fallout 76 from Bethesda, which has vastly improved after a disastrous launch, or Total War Warhammer IIwhich is one of those PC strategy classics that any lover of Total War from Creative Assembly you should try once in your life. For the end we leave the most unknown that also deserve a little attention, such as Glass Masquerade: Origins, Hero’s Hour Y Horace.

What do you think of the October menu?

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