Amazon’s New Game New World DESTROYS RTX 3090s

This is probably not a good time to play New World, Amazon’s new title as a video game developer. According to the latest reports, a closed Beta and Alpha version of this game has been the reason to turn several RTX 3090s into very expensive ones paperweight, at least according to several owners of these have reported in the official forums of the game.

New World and the premature death of the RTX 3090

The problem appears to affect only NVIDIA’s RTX 3090 graphics cards, the most expensive and top-of-the-line in their catalog, which are reportedly they overheat to the extreme and experience peaks of energy consumption unusual. The game is not locked to the frames per second limit, which is why the GPU will always run at 100% when vertical sync has not been enabled, but this should still not be a reason for it to overheat to the point of holster, right?

Most RTX 3090 graphics card owners have reported that when running New World the GPU starts to do Coil Whine (buzzing in your capacitors and coils), and specifically it seems that the brand’s RTX 3090 EVGA they are the most affected. There are several New World players who have testified that their RTX 3090s have definitely died after only 15-30 minutes of playing.

For this reason, it is strongly recommended not to play New World at this time, at least not until the developers publicly acknowledge the problem, not to mention a patch has been released to correct it. All in all, it may also have to do with NVIDIA’s drivers, and the brand has not yet commented on this either.

Can the graphics get messed up just by playing a specific game?

New World

Amazon’s New World is now available in pre-order for 40 euros, and should be officially launched on August 31 of this year. With the launch of the game so close, it seems really strange to find a problem of this caliber that can result in a 1,500 euro graph turning into a paper press. The affected users will obviously have to make use of the guarantee since it is not a typical behavior and obviously a graph should not be damaged simply by playing, no matter how badly coded the game is.

In any case, here it smells of singe and never better said; almost all hardware components plus a GPU have over-temperature protection systems to prevent this from happening, starting with the Thermal Throttling whereby when the temperature rises above a certain level, the operating speed of the GPU is reduced, delivering less performance but preserving its integrity, and continuing through the protection mechanisms that should literally shut down the GPU when the temperature exceeds a certain limit settled down.

That several RTX 3090s have been damaged simply by playing New World is evidence that these protection systems have not worked, and this seems more the fault of NVIDIA or the assembler than the developers of the game, certainly. We will have to wait for Amazon and / or NVIDIA to comment on the matter, but as a preventive measure, we have emphasized the recommendation not to play New World for the moment, or to do so, activate the Vertical Sync to prevent the GPU from working 100%.

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