Amazon’s streaming gaming platform Luna launches on June 21

It seems that the present and the future of our digital entertainment goes through the famous «streaming«. First he came in for the music. Technically the easiest to start with. It started Spotify years ago, and the following ones followed. The success was spectacular. Most of the music heard around the world today is streaming.

And after her, the video. No need to explain the success of Netflix and all the streaming video platforms that exist today, and that have distracted us so much in these months of pandemic. And now video games are also streaming. There are already several platforms that are emerging. Amazon’s Luna launches June 21, compatible with Macs, iPhones and iPads. Although it is despite Apple.

Amazon will open promotional access to its new streaming gaming platform called Moon on June 21 and 22, which will allow anyone with an Amazon Prime account to try the new service that the online sales giant is going to offer us.

Amazon customers will be able to get a seven-day free trial for Luna at Amazon Prime Day, June 21 and 22. Although the offer itself is limited in time, users can choose to keep their subscriptions active after the trial ends. Previously, access to Luna was by invitation only on Amazon Fire TV devices.

From now on, the platform is open to almost any device with good internet access. Luna will be available for macOS, Windows, Fire TV, as well as on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android through the web browser.

Amazon has followed in Microsoft’s footsteps

Amazon has followed in the footsteps of Microsoft seeing the problems that the Xbox giant had in being able to have an application to access its xCloud gaming platform in the Apple Store. Microsoft has finally been able to “circumvent” the blockade imposed by Apple, making its platform playable from anywhere Web navigator. And Amazon has gone to the “slipstream.”

First announced in September 2020, Amazon Luna differs from existing cloud services like xCloud by relying on “channels” or game bundles, like Ubisoft +. In that way, Luna is more like cable TV than Netflix. Users choose which “channels” they want to subscribe to.

Moon costs 5.99 Euros per month with Basic Access, allowing users to access a limited selection of titles such as “Control”, “Metro Exodus” and “Grid”. Users can also subscribe to the Ubisoft + beta channel, which offers access to a range of titles from that developer for € 14.99 per month.

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