AMC and Sony to offer Spider-Man: No Way Home NFT to US moviegoers.

Still the focus of great controversy, it seems that NFTs continue to gain ground: AMC has announced that will offer a total of up to 86,000 non-fungible Spider-Man tokens for those who purchase an advance ticket (exclusively for a selection of cinemas) for the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home on December 16.

As the signature itself clarified, it is a joint action between Sony Pictures and AMC Entertainment, after the latter was “pressured” by its customers and shareholders to make the leap to this new trend.

However, it is still a really important milestone, since it is the first time that a television network and a large-scale content producer have entered the distribution of these tokens. And it is that if this campaign is successful, it would not be surprising that in the coming months we see a massive growth of these tokens within the sector.

Commenting on the offer, Adam Aron, AMC’s Chairman and CEO, shared that “Our guests from AMC Theaters and our shareholders from AMC Entertainment have been calling for AMC to enter the world of NFTs, and we couldn’t imagine a more perfect way to start than with our good friends at Sony Pictures. This is especially the case where Spider-Man: No Way Home is one of the most anticipated movies of 2021, if not the most anticipated, and the incredibly talented artists at Cub Studios. are creating more than 100 unique NFTs that give proper respect to this newest incarnation of the timeless and ever-popular Spider-Man franchise«.

Additionally, AMC has wanted to anticipate that these NFTs can be redeemed on a dedicated site managed by WAX, which operates under an ultra-low carbon footprint chain certified as ‘neutral’.

On the other hand, we cannot fail to ignore the clear promotion and calling effect of this campaign, which is well could have a second experimental approach to find out how many viewers are looking to own one of these purely digital collectibles. And it is that although there is no guarantee that the promotion will translate into greater ticket sales, it can certainly be treated in a different way of approaching or attracting the attention of new fans.

Thus, it will also be interesting to see the progress of these types of assets, and see how their values ​​will fluctuate over the next few years.

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