AMD achieves the largest CPU market share in its history

What AMD has experienced in the last year has been spectacular. It has been able to compete head-to-head with NVIDIA and almost achieves the best GPU performance, it has managed to beat Intel for several years and in 2021 it clearly prevailed over the blue giant and in other sectors such as AI it is competing hard. This boosted the shares in a superlative way, but this may not be over despite the decline in the same, because AMD beats historical figures.

AMD CPU market share in 2021: all-time high

Intel Core AMD Ryzen

The third quarter of the red team closed with 24.6% of the general CPU market against Intel, very close to the maximum it has been back in 2006. At that time the K8s reigned with the Athlon 64 under their belt and It came to register no less than 25.3%, a number that Lisa Su’s have kept in the retina as the first objective to beat Intel.

The problem is that being so close and tasting the honey it was really tempting to exceed the figure if everything remained the same, but Alder Lake was there threatening and AMD was not sure that they would score another historical figure since its creation. But then Mercury Research arrived yesterday and showed its latest share report dedicated to the fourth quarter of 2021 and… Company all-time high!

A historical figure, with bad data for desktop


There are two pieces of news within the news, one good and one bad. The good news is that AMD has reached its all-time high in processor market share with a 25.6%exceeding 2006 values ​​by 0.3%. The bad news is that quarterly growth is down, but it is far from worrying, at least for now.

The data is curious, because although it only grows by 1%, if we look at the annual data, the rise is +3.9%, greater than 2.2%. Here it is necessary to point out data because they are very interesting and they must be divided into three sectors outside of these global data that we have just seen.

In the market for desktop processors AMD is going down from the second quarter of 2021 at a fairly high rate of +0.7% to -2.1%, -3.1% and now in the last quarter another -3, 1% leaving the total share at 16.2%.

In processors for laptops it currently has a market share of 21.6%but it loses 0.4% quarterly, although that means +2.6% per year, so the Ryzen Mobiles are doing quite well, at least until now when they hardly had any competition against Intel.

It is in servers where everything is going really well, since it earns +0.5% quarterly with an annual growth of +3.6% to make a general quota in said quarter of 10.7%. At this rate and seeing that Sapphire Rapids is delayed and is expected to be behind the new EPYCs, it is likely that AMD will end this 2022 with figures close to or even higher than 20% of the general share in servers.

The problem here regarding the general values ​​is Alder Lake and Raptor Lake. The first can make a dent in the figures, the second would compete with Zen 4 and possibly be up to par or perhaps even above. We will see at the end of the year what the data and performance are, because in any case AMD has had the best CPU share in 2021 and that is already an undeniable fact.

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