AMD buys AI software company Mipsology

AMD has bought a software company dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Is about mipsology, based in the French town of Palaiseau, has developed Zebra AI, software that can be used with FPGA hardware, such as that of AMD-owned Xilinx. According to its creators, when used with this type of hardware, it allows the use of a CPU and GPU model and deploys accelerated inference. With this tool there is no need to change the neural network or the framework used. There is also no need to add additional tools to achieve the inference.

As has been pointed out Vamsi Boppana, Vice President of AMD’s AI Groupin the statement confirming the operation, “Mipsology’s highly-skilled software team has proven its expertise in developing software and AI solutions that run on AMD’s adaptive computing hardware, and will join AMD’s AI group to help accelerate our interactions with customers, as well as expanding our AI software development capabilities«.

Regarding the latter, in particular, Boppana has indicated that the Mipsology team will be in charge of helping to develop the company’s AI software, expanding its open ecosystem of software tools, as well as libraries and models, to facilitate the path to optimized deployment of AI models on AMD hardware.

Mipsology was founded in 2015, and has specialized in developing tailor-made AI inference optimization tools and solutions for AMD hardware. Its flagship software is, as we have mentioned, Zebra AI. It is compatible with industry frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and ONNX Runtime, and will help accelerate solutions for AMD AI workloads. The integration is also supported by AMD Unified AI (UAI), which offers a cohesive AI training and inference interface for the edge, endpoint, and cloud.

Zebra AI is, according to its creators, an accelerator that computes image-based neural network inference without making any changes to an existing neural network. In addition, they emphasize that its deployment is very simple.

In view of the experience of the company’s teams, AMD will have significant reinforcement for progress in AI, which they consider one of their strategic priorities, as well as “a significant driver of growing demand for hardware over the next decade. As we welcome the Mipsology team to AMD, we will continue to strengthen our software capabilities to enable customers around the world to harness the great potential of mainstream AI.«.

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