AMD challenges Intel: exceeds its market share in PC CPU and servers

With Lisa Su at the wheel of AMD, the company has grown to levels that neither the market nor the users remembered. Since the Athlon 64 and Opteron 64 the reds have not had a fruitful performance to be considered a threat to the blue giant, but …

AMD rises exponentially and increases its market share in CPU

The Mercury Research report indicates this, where the numbers are more or less in agreement with what we have been seeing about sales and shares at retailers. It should be noted that this report talks about the processor market in general, including desktops, servers, laptops and the rest of the market segments, so it is a global assessment.

The data is enlightening: AMD has risen to the 16.9% of total share versus Intel, or what is the same, the market share of x86 processors for the second quarter of this year 2021 has exceeded the previous mark of the company.

This brand belongs to the year 2006 and, according to this report, establishes a new benchmark for AMD within the CPU market share. This shows that Lisa Su’s have grown in almost all segments, especially in desktop where AMD sells approximately 80% of processors today thanks to its Zen architectures.

What is the difference it has made against Intel in this quarter of 2021?

Console SoCs take their toll on the red team


As we saw more than a week ago, the shortage of chips, the contracts with SONY and Microsoft and the lack of production from TSMC have forced the company to make a series of decisions that are quite unheard of.

AMD has reduced shipments of cheap, low-end CPUs for notebooks for the remainder of the year, focusing on higher-margin CPUs to improve the company’s profitability. This means that the share of the CPU market share is not the most indicated despite the good data obtained, since it is leaving a very large market aside to focus on commitments to the PS5 and Xbox Series X SoCs.

The data indicate this, since it has only increased 0.8 points sequential percentage, while annual has gone 7.3 points higher. In the last quarter, growth was 0.7% and 4.1 for the x86 desktop market, while in x86 servers it managed to rise 11.6 points and 4.7 year-on-year.

These are the best data of the company in 15 years, which is said soon, and shows that AMD today is a safe value that both users and companies acquire. It remains to be seen how the strategy taken with the consoles affects this CPU market share, where it is more than foreseeable that it will end up taking its toll at the cost of higher revenues.

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