AMD confirms and releases Noise Suppression

Just a few days ago, by mistake, AMD leaked that it was working on Noise Suppression, a sound “cleaning” technology similar to RTX Voice. The technology company accidentally published the presentation video of this technology And although it didn’t take long to remove it, it did stay online long enough to be found, downloaded and captured by users who then proceeded to post it on various social internet platforms.

Although AMD removed (or maybe just hid) the video, but aware that the information about Noise Suppression was already public, chose to publish information on how to enable this feature on the web once it was available. A measure that already made us imagine that AMD would not take too long to release it, although it did not indicate when it would happen, which made us wonder when it would happen.

We already discussed it then, RTX Voice is already over two years old, so AMD should not delay the release of Noise Suppression, even more so if we take into account that, based on the presentation video, it seemed that its development had already been completed and, therefore, that the choice of the launch date only responded to strategic reasons. Thus, we proposed that, at the latest, Noise Suppression should debut between the end of August and the beginning of September.

The good news is that AMD has taken it even more quickly than we thought, to the point that it has not taken even a week to do so. And it is that, from the hand of AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 22.7.1, AMD has officially introduced and released Noise Suppression which, therefore, is now available to all those users who download the latest version of AMD drivers.

Just like NVIDIA technology, AMD Noise Suppression relies on the artificial intelligence functions of its integrated to provide an audio cleaning system in real time, with which our output signal will be much cleaner, especially if there is background noise, some kind of echo or reverberation, etc. Whether to hold videoconferences, to make recordings or even for streaming, Noise Suppression analyzes the signal in real time and, through an algorithm based on deep learning, is capable of identifying the voice and separating it from the rest of the sounds, to provide a more clean, whether it is input or output.

Noise Suppression is supported on Ryzen 5000 chipsd and newer systems, as well as Radeon RX 6000 series and newer.

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