AMD confirms bug causing its GPU driver to overclock CPU without permission

Without a doubt, 2022 is not being an easy year for AMD. Barely a month after experiencing a bug with its Ryzen processors that caused Windows 11 systems to experience some performance issues, it now seems to have been discovered. a new problem with its driver software for GPUswhich would be causing an increase in the clock speeds of the processors without the permission or knowledge of the users.

And it is that although this could seem like good news, offering a small extra increase in the general performance of the computer, the problem is that it is in the risks that this overclocking impliesas done wrongly, it could end up causing system instability, overheating, BSOD crashes, random reboots that could lead to data loss, and in general, being able to reduce the life expectancy of these components.

Thus, this bug seems to be located in the latest function presented by the company, AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin for Windowswhich when enabled, allows users to enable “automatic overclocking” to increase CPU and GPU capabilities in an automated manner and without the hassle of manually accessing these settings.

However, as the reports published by Igors Lab show, it seems that the BIOS settings in computers with AMD processors and cards activated this function automatically and without warning. The issue was narrowed down to Ryzen Master which is integrated with the graphics driver. Changes CPU settings when loading a GPU profile, followed by a reboot. It also changed the Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) values, regardless of whether or not the user had set them. Igor mentions that using Radeon Software Slimmer to get rid of bloat, such as AMD Ryzen Master SDK, can help prevent BIOS settings from being reset.

Nail evidence that the company itself has not been able to avoid admittingsharing the following statement on the Tom’s Hardware website: «We are aware of an issue in the AMD software package that is adjusting certain AMD processor settings for some users. We are investigating the problem and we will share more information as soon as we can«.

Furthermore, it has also been mentioned as a known issue in the AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 22.4.1 release notes, where it was noted that “Ryzen CPU Overclock settings can be changed after resetting or importing a profile from Radeon Performance Tuning Options«.

So, for the moment, there is no other option than to monitor our equipment and disable this function while we wait for an official solution from AMD.

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