AMD does not have a GPU for PC, but it does for this BIOSTAR miner

The mining boom has opened up new business opportunities, such as the RIG for mining already pre-built as standard. A market in which BIOSTAR has taken part with models such as the iMiner A588X8D2 that have 8 AMD graphics cards for gaming inside and that due to the lack of GPUs has created a wide controversy.

One of the things that drives those who want to set up a Gaming PC the most is the scarcity and overpricing of graphics cards caused by the mining bubble. That is why it is extremely frustrating when companies like AMD sell their graphics cards to third parties so that they are mounted on miners, but the anger increases when it comes to gaming models.

BIOSTAR iMiner A588X8D2: AMD GPU Mining RIG

Make no mistake, both NVIDIA and AMD have graphics card models designed for the mining market and this is helping them to clean up excess inventory. It is the case of the Radeon RX 580which is being cleaned up by AMD through its sale for the assembly of the BIOSTAR iMiner A588X8D2. It is a pre-built RIG for mining that includes up to 8 of these graphics cards inside and where its main CPU is a Intel G9400 with 8GB of DDR memory4. All this allows you to have a performance of 232MH/s mining Ethereum.

What has outraged the community is the fact that instead of using models for mining, graphics card models for gaming have been used, without video outputs or these blinded, what BIOSTAR has done is to use the standard RX 580 for gaming. In any case, it is a graphics card that launched in spring 2017Therefore, we are talking about a model that is already five years old, which is a lot for hardware of this type. Moreover, it is a model withdrawn from the market a long time ago and consequently this would be a surplus that BIOSTAR would be taking advantage of for its iMiner A588X8D2.

The RX 580 is no longer competitive in gaming


With the recent release of the RX 6500 XT, which has been disappointing in delivering performance wise, there is no point in having the RX 580, based on a much lower, pre-RDNA architecture, be in the portfolio. AMD graphics current. So complaining that the Radeon manufacturer does not continue to keep them on the market is nonsense and more so when we are talking about a model that was already discontinued a long time ago.

The high price reached by the graphics cards separately and the scarcity of the newer models has caused the interest of the mining farms to move towards older models, thus causing their price to rise. This is what AMD has taken advantage of to release a graphics card that today is no longer strong enough to create an impact in terms of performance and was collecting dust.

The mining boom has affected not only the most recent graphics architectures and we can see cases such as the RX 580 included in this BIOSTAR mining RIG that can currently reach 600 euros in price. Which shows the lack of control that exists in the market at the moment.

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