AMD increases the power of all its graphics cards, yours too

AMD has just released a press release where they are chesting out about improving their general driver for graphics cards. Specifically, this change affects games that use the DirectX 11 API. The first consequence is that all the applications that use this API will go much faster. But, at the same time, it is a symptom of something much more negative on the part of the Radeon manufacturers and that very few people know about.

The fact that a graphics driver is well written is key to the proper functioning of games, not only to ensure good operating speed in games, but also to avoid visual problems and even unexpected crashes during our games. However, we are finding that AMD, since they renewed the base of their Adrenalin drivers, have been improving them little by little and coming to rewrite important parts of it again. If just a month ago we told you how Radeon graphics had increased their performance in OpenGL, now it’s DirectX 11’s turn.

AMD improves its graphics driver for DirectX 11

For a long time, gossips have repeatedly argued that NVIDIA’s victories in performance were not due to more talent, but to spending more human and financial resources on its graphics card drivers. Which are, for the most layman, the intermediate programs that allow the application that we are executing in the foreground to communicate with the hardware in charge of generating, processing and sending the images to the screen.

AMD-Radeon-Adrenalin-Cover-Cube Driver DirectX 11 12

We must not forget that in each frame of the game the first component to act is always the system’s CPU, so it depends on the graphics controller. And what do you get with AMD’s revamped DirectX 11 graphics driver? Well, at the moment they have only given data in three different games, although in general the improvement is up to 10%.

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with a performance increase of 28%.
  • World of Warcraft: Shadowland with a 28% extra.
  • Grand Theft Auto V where the rise in frames is 11%.

However, this is tricky, since they are surely figures with the most powerful graphics card from AMD in tandem with the most powerful processor of the brand. In any case, an improvement in performance is always welcome and even more so when it won’t cost us anything. The problem comes when said improvement comes too late and in the middle of the era where more advanced APIs such as DX12 and Vulkan are used.

Who is this upgrade really for?

Nobody gives stitch without thread and if there is a market that is currently looking to update its graphics card, it is that of the Lapsed Gamers. A type of consumer that is based on the following principles:

  • Buy games in Steam sales or acquire them through one-time gifts from other services. This prevents you from playing the newer titles on the market.
  • He likes to play on PC, but not on console, although he starts from a tighter budget.

Well, it is normal that AMD has decided to improve its driver for DirectX 11, given that many of these fans will look for the best brand to play games. It is possible that many of the situations that gave NVIDIA an advantage have been reversed. In any case, it is not an audience that is the love of the eyes of the manufacturers. Although in cases of excess inventory and sudden drops they can clear the merchandise of the stores for the entry of new generations of products.

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