AMD Instinct MI300 will use four chiplets and HBM3 memory

The AMD Instinct MI300 will be the successor to the AMD Instinct MI200, a graphics accelerator that, as we told you at the time, meant the Sunnyvale company’s leap to a modular GPU design, made up of two chiplets working together. This allowed him to add a whopping 220 compute units or CUs, for its acronym in English which resulted in 14,080 shaders.

According to a new leak, AMD is already working on the Instinct MI300, a new graphics accelerator that will be made up of a total of four chiplets, twice as many as the Instinct MI200 uses. Each of these chiplets will be manufactured in the 5nm node from TSMC. We do not have exact information about the specifications that this graphics accelerator could have in terms of CUs and shaders, but based on what we have seen in the Instinct MI200 it is clear that it is going to be a “massive” graphics accelerator in that sense.

If AMD follows the approach we’ve seen in the Instinct MI200 series, the Instinct MI300 series could feature up to 28,160 shaders. In addition to the four chiplets that will integrate the graphic elements, the Instinct MI300 will be accompanied by other chiplets manufactured on the 6nm node that will integrate the I/O elements and the HBM3 memory. According to the source, we would find a large number of chiplets if we take into account those that we have mentioned above.

The most powerful configuration of the AMD Instinct MI300 series could be very powerful, there is no doubt about that, and it seems that its consumption would be quite reasonable, since there is talk of a 600 watt TBP. For its part, the HBM3 memory will provide enormous bandwidth, allowing the system to develop its full power. If all the information we have seen is true, the Instinct MI300 series would come with up to 192GB of HBM3 memory.

AMD will continue its commitment to MCM designs, while NVIDIA has decided to stay true to the monolithic core design with Hopper, something that frankly took us by surprise since most of the rumors assumed a leap from the green giant to a modular design. This jump may occur with Hopper’s successor, but at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

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