AMD makes a serious mistake with its new Ryzen: could it jeopardize its future?

One of the things that has not surprised the most is the speed with which AMD has launched its Ryzen 7000 X3D to the market compared to the normal version. However, said move by Lisa Su’s men may have gone wrong and wasted a bullet in the chamber before the hour. Is it a false move that could jeopardize the future of the Ryzen?

One of the first things that is learned when a market exists is that there are potential consumers, but that they are not due to the fact that there is a barrier in the middle. In the case of hardware, it is the price and performance that makes you choose one product or another. That is to say, you are going to seek to have the best possible processor within its economic capabilities and obviously, they are not going to opt for a better option. But what happens when a version is released above what already offers the best on the market?

AMD’s missed opportunity with its RX 7000 X3D

Currently there is a special race in the world of hardware in which it is increasingly expensive to design and release new chips. In the midst of this situation, AMD, in order not only to survive, but also to be competitive, has had to leave the Intel’s white label in the eyes of the people to become a worthy rival face to face and even surpass it in many periods and not exactly by a small margin.

V-Cache Render AMD Ryzen X3D

Where is the problem? If we think about it, a Ryzen 7000 X3D is not essential, even if you have bought a PC based on an AM5 motherboard and you have a CPU with Zen 4 architecture, it will not be necessary to buy the new processor that it is also more expensive. Where did Lisa Su’s rush come from? Intel, having an annual release cadence year after year, was even rumored that Meteor Lake could have been introduced earlier this year.

It is completely normal that when it comes to moving the chips, every company expects its rival to act to the best of its ability. That is to say, from AMD they expected a new processor from Intel that has not yet arrived and it has resulted in a missed opportunity, since the momentum of said chip will be lost over time. And worst of all is that despite being the best CPU of the moment, it is not exactly the exact point to launch it on the market.

Do you have anything in store for the near future?

Everything indicates that AMD could return to using 2 CCDs per chip as was the case with the Zen 2 in the near future, only this time this allowed placing not 8, but 16 cores on the same chip, remember that it is a disaggregated processor, and in consequently place the V-Cache in all of them and only in 8 of them. In addition to avoiding the latency problems that currently exist and are a bottleneck of the current Ryzen 7000 X3D.


It’s no secret that they have a variant of Zen 4 called Zen 4C, which would be a more power-optimized version thanks to slightly lower clock speeds, lower power consumption, and trimmed cache. Moreover, we would think that they are a potential version of the Ryzen 7045 X3D for AM5 for high-end laptops, if it were not for the fact that there are certain changes. Of course, taking the IOD or integrated memory controller of the current Ryzen 7000 and sharing socket. Both on servers and on workstations and servers.

Fitting 16 cores with 32 threads isn’t easy, since you then have to make a bigger communication ring, but it’s not impossible since Intel has already done it. The question is whether there is another Ryzen X3D with the CCDs unified on a single chip. Which would definitely leave the current Ryzen 7900X outdated. If so, then it would be understood the need to launch them in such a hurry and that is that AMD needs a flagship product in a few months that will overshadow the momentum of its rival’s next.

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