AMD, mining and the price of GPUs, who is to blame?

Little by little the whole problem that NVIDIA and AMD have generated on the one hand, on the other hand wholesalers, retailers and users, and to finish cryptocurrencies, is being seen. Now we know the impression that AMD CEO Lisa Su has on all this problem thanks to the statements in a meeting. Who is guilty? What factor is the limiting factor?

First it was the absence of stock that triggered the price, after exhausting that possibility came the argument of the price of rare earths, materials and transport. After this there is only pure speculation for cryptocurrencies, but that is conjecture that we make from the users and the media seeing the data that is being offered, they are not as good or much less as those that AMD or NVIDIA may have. So what is happening so that prices are a 200% about your MSRP?

Are the buyers mostly gamers?

What we’ve seen in recent weeks is enlightening, but Lisa Su doesn’t seem to have an equal or even close approach to this. His statements are really interesting and can generate quite a controversy:

We are working very hard to manufacture our graphics cards and they are really being delivered to gamers, retail channels and other strategically important areas. AMD graphics card buyers are mainly gamers, and the role of mining it’s exaggerated. This factor has not fueled the growth of AMD’s graphics card sales.

These data are hardly justifiable if we look at the latest findings and conclusions of JPR, which state that in this last quarter the shipment of graphics cards was of 12.7 million units, a year-on-year increase in 25.7% nothing less. Shelling this data we would obtain that AMD has increased the shipment of GPUs a 17.7% monthly and a 20.8% annual, but if this is true, how is it possible that the vast majority of gamers continue without a new graphics card?

An uncontrolled price and an explanation

RX 6800 6800 6700 6600 6500

The conclusions to this data are very simple and we all suffer: the user does not buy because the price is above the 200% of MSRP. Lisa Su does not seem to have it so clear and less after the series of GPUs that she silently launches for the miners and to which she does not allude in her comments.

And it is that Su affirms that the main reason for the increase of all the series is precisely the increase in the price of the high-end models for its RX 6000, HPC and server as such. Something of reason is certainly not lacking. If the high-end cost more and more to launch and its MSRP does not stop growing, the rest of the ranges are gradually increasing, since not so many models are launched to cover the market and finally we have the mid-range at a price of gold when it does. years was extreme range price.

It’s a nice way of trying to cover the sun with one finger while I’m not looking at it and from behind I’m selling GPUs to professional mining companies and creating optimized models. NVIDIA at least makes it official with the HX and does not hide the current reality although it suffers from the same problem. On the other hand, the price escalation will have a small stop and even a considerable drop at some point in 2022 or maybe 2023, where several factors will alter prices. The problem is that we are still a long way from it.

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