AMD mistakenly reveals its OEM mini ITX 4800S Series computer

There are many manufacturers that sell their own OEM PCs in mini ITX format, and without going any further we have Intel as a true specialist in it because they even have their own format for it, the Intel NUC. AMD, for its part, has toyed with this concept in the past but has never had a real product on the market (at least not directly from AMD, since we all know that Zotac is also a specialist in this format). For this reason, it is quite interesting that AMD advances in this area, creating competition in the market that does not exist at this time.

The 4800S Desktop Kit, confirmed by AMD

Previously leaked information about this Desktop Kit as they call it (which is nothing more than a motherboard with everything integrated, including a heatsink) suggested that it would be much better than previous versions; upgrades include a newer, more powerful GPU, expanded storage support, and even the ability to install a standard socket AM4 heatsink.

As in previous versions that were, at the time, named, this new AMD 4800S desktop kit is believed to be nothing more than a by-product of the PS5 and Xbox Series X processors that had problems with their integrated RDNA 2 GPUs, but can still be used as a desktop PC if a separate graphics card is installed.

AMD already had a previous model (the 4700S) in its planning, but it seems that this model had many limitations that prevented it from working properly, such as the fact that it has PCIe 2.0 lanes that, clearly, are insufficient to match them with an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card even mid-range. Thus, this AMD 4800S kit would come with this problem solved because its PCIe lanes would be 4.0 and, therefore, compatible with the latest graphics on the market.

However, it should also be noted that it is not known if the sockets included in the motherboard of the equipment will be x16 or x8, but previous rumors already suggested that it could be paired with a PowerColor graphics card. RadeonRX6600a pretty decent option to have a good balance with the system’s built-in processor.

There is a lot of speculation, and for a long time, around this mini PC from AMD. Rumors suggest that it could bring a WiFi / Bluetooth module signed by MSI, as well as that it would change the mini ITX format for micro ATX to accommodate larger hardware, such as the aforementioned standard AM4 socket heatsink.

Does it make sense for AMD to release an OEM mini PC?

Of course yes, at least from our point of view. We live in a time when very few people have “normal” PCs in their box: either they opt for a full-fledged gaming PC, or they prefer to have a laptop, even to work from home. In this last respect, there are many users who have a laptop connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and in many ways they could have a fixed PC and be free of problems.

amd mini pc

An AMD OEM PC could be an excellent alternative for many users, especially those for whom an Intel NUC falls short (or is too expensive in more powerful models) and prefer to have a fixed alternative instead of a PC portable.

We will have to wait, as always, to see how AMD acts on this Desktop Kit, but it certainly looks very good and we would love to see it as a commercial model.

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