AMD Noise Suppression comes to older cards

As we told you a few days ago, AMD has launched its Noise Suppression technology, a noise reduction solution, less than a week after leaking it by mistake. This function came from the hand of Adrenalin Edition 22.7.1 and, yes, its scope was limited to the following integrated:

  • processors AMD Ryzen 6000 Series with integrated graphics.
  • graphics adapters AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series and later.

In other words, all previous generations were left without being able to use denoising technology with which AMD responds to NVIDIA’s RTX Voice. Something that, at first, we could attribute to the need for some function of RDNA2 itself, but in reality it seems to be more of a commercial decision than a technical one.

And why do I say this? Because just a few days have passed since the official arrival of Noise Suppression, and some unofficial drivers, the NimeZ, available for Terascale, GCN and Polaris-Vega-Navi GPUs, They already have a new version that does bring Noise Suppression support to all these architectures.

Support is not perfect, some users have reported that when trying to use Noise Suppression on systems with a GPU prior to RDNA2 they have encountered a buzzing effect that makes the feature unusable in their cases. However, for the rest, this can be a very good option if they want to use this new function on systems that, at least a priori, were not compatible with it.

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