AMD promises up to 70% more FPS on its RDNA GPUs with RDR

One of the novelties that AMD spoke about in its presentation at this year’s CES were the new Adrenalin drivers, which from this quarter will include, among other technologies, the so-called Radeon Super Resolution. Well, they just revealed that we can earn up to 70% performance in RSR when it comes to games. What are the details?

A few months ago, AMD introduced the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, a super-resolution algorithm that, unlike NVIDIA’s solution with DLSS, does not require systolic arrays or Tensor Cores to run, which allows them to be executed not only on AMD hardware. , but also in NVIDIA’s. With the added advantage that since it is not based on AI, it is not necessary to train the algorithm to generate the correct blocks at higher resolution.

To curl the loop, during the CES 2022 conference they spoke lightly about the improvements that the next Adrenalin drivers will bring, where the so-called Radeon Super Resolution stands out, which promises to automatically deliver all the advantages of FSR automatically to everyone games without requiring programmers to implement it in their titles. Well, it seems that games will suffer a significant boost in frame rate thanks to this algorithm.

RSR will increase gaming performance by 70%

AMD RSR 70% Warframe

Through a video, AMD has shown us the performance improvements that its AMA Radeon graphics cards will receive when the next major update of the Adrenalin drivers is released before the end of the current quarter.

In the video we can how with the RDR it is reached 70% additional performance in Warframe. This is achieved by internally rendering the scene in Quad HD resolution, but upscaling to 4K through the RDR. Although at the moment we do not know the level of quality used in the tests, since we do not forget that both the FSR of AMD itself and the DLSS of NVIDIA have different levels of quality.

Considering that the RSR is going to be an improvement at the driver level this is going to be excellent news for AMD Radeon users. The reason for this is that they will gain a few extra frames of their favorite games and will even be able to play at resolutions that they previously could not at acceptable speed rates. And all this with the promise that all our games will be able to take advantage of it.

Only for RDNA

AMD RSR 70% Annotations

At the end of the video, AMD itself makes it clear that only gaming GPUs with RDNA and RDNA 2 architectures will be able to benefit from this, this means that any dedicated or integrated GPU that is not based on said architecture will not be able to benefit from Radeon Super Resolution and it represents the definitive accolade to years of support to the GCN architecture in all its aspects.

So you can only benefit from performance increases of up to 70% in RSR graphics cards of the RX 5000 and RX 6000 series, as well as their versions for notebooks. We don’t know if there are any plans to bring it to Xbox Series and PS5 at the moment. As for APUs, only the recently introduced Ryzen 6000 will be able to take advantage of the RSR

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