AMD reacts to NVIDIA and will introduce Radeon Super Resolution

AMD was very calm after presenting FSR at the time, the supposed answer to NVIDIA’s DLSS 1.0 that promised much more than the latter, but without achieving the performance it treasured. Its best asset was the openness of the standard for games, so NVIDIA reacted by launching Image Scaling leaving FSR as a minor option, but the war continues and this will do it at CES 2022, where supposedly AMD will return to the load presenting RSR or Radeon Super Resolution.

This of resolution or image scaling has turned into a war that AMD knows it cannot win, at least for the moment. But this does not mean that it stops trying to have a competing technology where it can compete.

FSR has been vastly outmatched in a turn of events, because NVIDIA no longer only works with proprietary technology, but has gotten into the mud to develop software that can implement all games and on a wider range of GPUs under its signature. . Therefore, AMD moves tab and will present its response to NVIDIA Image Scaling.

AMD Radeon Super Resolution


There is not much information here because it is a terse leak, but what we do know is that Lisa Su has worked very hard to introduce a new scaling technology that not only does what the name suggests, but also gains performance with her and also get to “almost” all games.

And it is that there is part of the key of this AMD RSR, because although the company has worked side by side with the great developers it seems that there will be a series of “buts” to take into account. The first is less, since Radeon Super Resolution will only be available when we play in full screen, that is, the window mode of this software is excluded.

The second and worst impediment lies in the fact that not all GPUs will be able to make use of it, at least for the moment, and this will piss off users.

RDNA 1 and RDNA 2 architecture GPUs only

As the owner says, we will have a series of supported graphics cards, which will be all RX 5000 and all RX 6000, since RSR is based precisely on the algorithm of FSR version 1.0, which clearly indicates that it is a technology that will arrive in the brand’s new drivers.

And here the bad news ends, because the good news is that it is not a patented technology and that therefore it is on the side of AMD and not of the developers, which facilitates its implementation, its performance and of course its continuous improvement by the Red Team.

The more pertinent question is, when will it arrive? Well, it will be presented at CES 2022 and will be launched in the first controller of 2022, where it is speculated that in later versions and as the year passes, modes such as full screen without borders, or even other series of GPUs if finally AMD could be added. expand support.

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