AMD RX 6500 and RX 6X50 XT range, new graphics cards at 6nm?

If you thought AMD was dead until the arrival of RDNA 3 as the main architecture, you were profoundly mistaken. There are bullets in the chamber and no doubt AMD is going to use them to protect itself from Intel, because NVIDIA, apart from the RTX 3090 Ti, does not seem to want to dispute the market anymore given the number of existing models. We are talking of course about the Radeon RX 6500 and the new RX 6X50 XT, is AMD going to change its entire range?

AMD’s partial revolution is on its way. Without a doubt, it fears Intel more than NVIDIA and although those of Lisa Su have two agreements with TSMC and possibly enough production capacity to launch what we are going to see, those of Huang, on the other hand, do not seem to have any margin with Samsung. For this reason, AMD will try to close the gap and thereby position itself better in the market with a new GPU and a refresh of the existing RX 6000.

AMD Radeon RX 6500, ridiculous capital?

If something has been criticized on this our website, it is precisely products that are meaningless or lacking in key features regardless of who is behind them. The RX6500XT it is a product halfway between a fair performance and surreal technical limitations in 2022, so the hopes with this supposed RX 6500 they are not tall at all and it would not make sense to change the rules of the game a few months after the launch of its older sister.

There are no technical specifications at the moment, there is no information beyond something that is key: its date of release on the market. This has been leaked and encrypted at some point in the month of maywhich is quite strange because that is far away in time for a card that, given the bad reputation of the model clearly above, nothing is expected of it other than a very low price.

And it is that according to the leakers we are talking about only $130 as MSRPwhich logically shows that in performance it will be up to the low range of a few years ago, this being an entry range (and hopefully).

RX 6X50 XT, specific models or new range?

Well, therein lies the doubt. We believe that the RX 6500 will reach 6nm for obvious reasons, but at the same time we also think the same of this new series or models that are to come. We do not know the Wph that TSMC can offer with its node N6so it’s really all up in the air.

If production is low, we will surely see complementary and even substitute models for the current ones, while if there are enough wafers made with N6 then we could see a total replacement (or at least to a large extent) of the current RX 6000, where we understand that performance will be boosted while maintaining consumption and with similar prices.

Speculation aside, it has been leaked that they will arrive between june and july, which leaves a very narrow margin for RDNA 3 and its new GPUs. Zen 4 seems that it could arrive at the end of the year, later than expected according to the latest rumors, so if the new RX7000 they pass the key summer date… Two TOP presentations in just 4 months? It could be, of course, because launching new GPUs for a month and a half, leaving them obsolete would only make sense if what you renew are models that are not going to be covered by the RX 7000 and instead you focus on replacement ranges, be they TOP or mid-range models. .

Thus AMD could cover the market in a better way, where common sense would indicate a refresh of the RX 6700 XT or even RX 6800 downwards and leave the new RX 7000 as a spearhead against NVIDIA knowing that it will present the largest starting arsenal .

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