AMD RX 6X50XT graphics cards already have a release date

It is no secret that AMD will launch this year the revised and improved version of its RX 6000, as these were presented during the CES. This is Lisa Su’s response to Intel’s ARC Alchemist. We have finally been able to know the release date and the first images of the AMD RX 6X50XT. When will they come out and what do they look like?

It is completely normal that after the launch of a hardware product, improved versions appear that give more performance than the original model. These models are presented in the market as completely new products, due to the fact that the improvements represent an additional value with respect to the products that were originally launched.

While it is true that many of us are waiting for the RX 7000 based on the RDNA 3 architecture, there are still months to go and AMD needs to respond in some way to the new products launched by its already veteran rival, NVIDIA, and to the launch of the first graphics cards for gaming in the history of Intel, the ARC Alchemist that have been recently presented and which we expect to launch in the summer. That is why the designers of the Radeon have not been able to sit idly by and have

This is the launch and design of AMD RX 6X50XT graphics cards

AMD’s new GPUs are based on the same architecture and technology as the RX 6000 that are currently on the market, but were born after the brand’s experience in developing new versions for laptops. This has allowed them to increase the performance per watt of the desktop versions and implement improvements such as higher clock speeds and memory usage. GDDR6 at a speed of 18 Gbps. The models to be released are: RX6950XT based on a revamped version chip Navi 21, RX6750XT with the upgraded version Navi 22 and RX6650XT which will have an updated version of Navi 23. So the specifications in terms of number of cores, texture units and other specifications are not much better. As we have already mentioned, it is not a change of generation, but a more efficient version of the old one.


The release date of the AMD RX 6X50XT will be next May 10, so there is not much left for them to reach the stores and we can check how they perform when it comes to moving our favorite video games or other tasks that we want them to perform. By the way, you will have noticed that the standard design has changed its color, since it is totally black to differentiate it from others. We do not know if there have been changes in these reference models in the face of variants manufactured or assembled by third parties. Since it can be a simple aesthetic change by AMD and the versions of other manufacturers, it does not differ from what is currently on the market.

Performance and price still unknown

Is a slight improvement in GPU clock speed and graphics card memory enough to justify a review like this? Who knows, in a few weeks we will leave doubts. In any case, let’s not forget that a version with the fastest and most efficient memory is still very tempting to mount on mining RIGs. Is that the true target market for the AMD RX 6X50XT?

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