AMD RX 7000: imminent launch to arrive before the RTX 40

— Greymon55 (@greymon55) April 27, 2022

As we well know the N31 refers to the high-end chips, and we say chips in the plural because there are rumors in the air again, so we will once again launch a speculation on the occasion of everything we know. Navi 31 will have at least two strands, possibly three, where at least one of them will be an MCM GPU with two chiplets at 5nm and possibly a I/O Die at 6nm.

The total count would amount to 15,360 shaderswhich would mean that we would be seeing two die with 7,680 cores with, in theory, 120 CU each. This means 40 more CUs per chip and 2,560 additional Shaders, or what is the same, an increase of 50% die by die, not counting the other chip that shoots up the figure to the aforementioned total Shaders.

AMD RX 7000 Release Date

With that said and the feature set in place, AMD has stepped up production of the N31 and N33 with TSMC, but there’s one very important detail to this. And it is that the mid-range GPUs will arrive first for a very interesting fact, and this would be nothing more than the way to build a GPU with Navi 31, where we have to look Apple directly in the eye.

And it is that TSMC would not use its CoWoS 2.5D technology with Navi 31, mainly because there should be no vertical stacking in it, but a packaging INFO-LI in the purest Intel EMIB style. That is, TSMC would use its Chip-to-Chip Local Interconnect Bus technology as it does with the M1 Ultra, which is nothing more than two M1 Max joined by a substrate and LSI.


Being technical, the two chips that will make up Navi 31 will be connected with Integrated Fan-OUT by local interconnection based on a silicon interposer and between them there will be a redistribution layer RDL.

This is important, very important in fact and affects the output of high-end graphics cards. The why is simple: they are much more technically complicated to manufacture, and more expensive, so neither AMD nor TSMC can have a low success rate on wafers. To use as a “guinea pig” they have Navi 33 and hence the dates of Tape out.

First they start with the most complicated and that will take more time, then you start with the easiest chip to throw it before since it will take you really less time and in the meantime you prepare the reinforcement to your opponent’s hit with the mid-range chip.


In short, the mid-range graphics cards will arrive first, then the high-end ones to counteract the RTX 40 of equivalent performance and after that you hit the upper-middle range with Navi 32.

Ok, but when are these dates? when is the presentation? In the month of August for N31 and N33, where the latter would arrive in September and the former for the Christmas season or even a little earlier, there is still a lot of controversy in the air, but when it comes to speculation it seems that it is most likely after the breakthrough in TSMC’s 5nm production. And so far the assumption and future launch of the RX 7000.

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