AMD Ryzen 7000 APUs will bring a change never seen before

AMD has not yet deployed all of its Zen 3-based hardware as we have yet to see the new Threadripper and the launch of their Rembrandt codenamed APUs due out in a few months and will implement an RDNA 2 integrated GPU. after? Obviously Ryzen 7000 and specifically the chips Phoenix-H and Raphael-H and some data has already been leaked.

We know that Zen 4 will have its launch sometime in 2022, after all we have seen the recent announcement of the AMD EPYC for servers based on this architecture, but with it will also come both desktop CPUs and APUs. It is expected that the Ryzen 6000 family corresponds to Rembrandt, so Lisa Su’s would repeat the game the same game as with the Ryzen 4000, while Ryzen 7000 would combine both APU and desktop CPU, as has happened with the 5000 series which is the most powerful that they have launched so far for sale.

Well, AMD could bring a major change in its APU for laptops from the implementation of its core Zen 4.

Phoenix-H and Raphael-H, AMD APUs for 2023

From AMD they have a cadence of one APU per year and if in 2022 we will have Rembrandt that will have profound changes in things such as the integrated GPU that will go from GCN Vega to RDNA 2 or the use of DDR5 memory, facing the Ryzen 7000 series we will have for first time adopting Zen 4 cores in an APU.

The first of the chips is called Phoenix-H, it will be manufactured under the node of 5 nm from TSMC and will make use of 8 cores Zen 4 with 16 threads of execution. Your energy consumption? There is talk of a TDP of less than 40W. So AMD would be preparing designs for the new form factors.

Zen 4 Raphael Raphael-H details

The second model in the Ryzen 7000 range for laptops is the one that should be noted, since it is called Raphael-H and as you may have noticed, it indicates that it is a version for high-performance laptops of the Ryzen CPU based on Zen 4 for desktop, something similar to what Intel wants to do with the Alder Lake H-55, which is a BGA version of the Alder Lake-S.

Your specs? More of 45W and 16 cores Zen 4. We do not know its form factor, but we think it could be the first time that AMD has brought its chiplet-based CPUs to laptops.

Let’s not forget that among the rumors of Raphael it was said that his IOD it could have an integrated graphics, which would make sense of its version for notebooks, since this would allow them to replace the current monolithic APUs.

What is beyond of?

With regard to APUs based on Zen 5, there is talk of Granite Ridge and Strix Point, the first based on Zen 5 cores, however there is talk of the use of a 3 nm node for the main core and another 6 nm. Which would indicate that we would be facing a configuration by chiplets. As for the second case, there is talk of a configuration of heterogeneous Zen5 and Zen4D cores.

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