AMD’s Radeon RX 6600 XT graphics card is one of the few in stock. Should we buy it?

AMD pulled off a small feat: releasing a graphics card that isn’t immediately out of stock. What to crack to finally build a gaming PC? Not so sure.

The shortage of components and the race for cryptocurrencies have made life considerably more difficult for PC gamers. Graphics cards are in very short supply today and it is not uncommon to find components that sell for double the list price.

This market where demand is exploding, but supply does not follow, has even encouraged some thugs to engage in graphics card smuggling to meet the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Building a gaming PC that deserves the name has become a real challenge – we don’t even dare to update our buying guide anymore. But one CPU still seems to be resisting the trend: AMD’s Radeon RX 6600 XT recently released.

100 euros above the recommended price

As of this writing, the graphics card is one of the few still in stock at multiple resellers. You can find it at TopAchat and LDLC for example. On the other hand, it is sold on average 100 euros more expensive than its normal price since the base model (normally sold 379.99 euros) is sold around 499 € today.

AMD RX 6000 series // Source: AMD

This extremely rare availability is partly due to the technical characteristics of the card. The 6600 XT is not strictly speaking a racehorse. It offers good performance in Full HD at 60 frames seconds (as long as you do not activate ray-tracing) but will struggle to provide you with a quality experience beyond. The GeForce RTX 3060 sold (normally) at around the same price provides more robust performance.

A card designed for Full HD

AMD’s base model is based on an RDNA 2 architecture, offers 7nm engraving, has 8 GB of memory (in GDDR6) and a “boost” frequency of 2589 MHz. For video output, you need 3 DisplayPort connectors and an HDMI connector. A technical sheet not ridiculous for the standard price of 300 and a few euros, but at 100 euros more it’s hard to swallow.

Unfortunately, this model is practically the only one in its class to be still in stock. If you need a graphics card urgently, it may be right for you if your needs are not too great, but it still seems better to wait. Putting between 500 and 700 euros (for the most expensive model) in a graphics card designed for Full HD is not exactly the definition of a good plan.

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