Amelia becomes Falabella’s digital assistant

The company specializing in Artificial Intelligence software, Amelia, has become the digital assistant of Falabella to improve the employee experience.

The company, a retailer with more than 500 stores in seven Latin American countries, was looking for a solution that would improve the inner experience of your employees in handling computer support tickets and eliminating long waiting times for IT services, such as password resets and account unlocks, among others.

To achieve these goals, Falabella has hired Amelia as its IT digital assistant that will serve approximately 100,000 employees, based on her ability to improve KPIssuch as mean time to resolution (MTTP) for password resets, providing better internal 24/7 support, and freeing up time and resources for the company’s internal IT team to manage more challenging problems.

Falabella also chose Amelia for her speed and precision in support troubleshooting IT, and its omnichannel capabilities (providing support via phone, text, and other channels), supporting the company’s digital transformation strategy.

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More than 50,000 tickets

Amelia will help Falabella employees with queries related to information technology through voice and chat, such as password reset, internal help support and opening tickets with incidents, freeing up staff to manage tasks that consume less time and produce a higher MTTR. The company expects Amelia to handle more than 50,000 tickets with its initial implementation, which is currently in its startup phase.

Óscar Muñoz, employee experience tech director of Falabella, commented: “With this implementation, we expect Amelia to directly help 100 employees in the IT department and indirectly help all 100,000 employees in the company. We hired Amelia as the first point of contact for IT support as she can seamlessly integrate with our support platform, and now our users can easily interact with her through conversational AI for her support. Amelia will help all Falabella employees when they need to reset their passwords, or quickly open and manage IT incidents through a more agile process.”

Chetan Dube, CEO of Amelia, states: “Falabella recognizes how critical it is to offer employees extraordinary experiences to stimulate productivity, innovation and growth. By hiring Amelia as an IT services digital assistant, the company is taking important steps in its digital transformation journey, thanks to conversational AI and automation. We are excited to work with Falabella to bring new levels of service and efficiency to their workforce.”

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