American Horror Stories shows itself with the first disturbing official trailer

American Horror Stories, the new spin-off horror TV series from American Horror Story, has finally shown itself to the public with the first official trailer.

The promotional video, which we can admire below, comes exactly one week after the debut of the show created by Ryan Murphy up FX is Hulu.

The disturbing trailer for American Horror Stories

The TV series, in fact, will be available starting July 15 in the United States and then arrive in Italy in streaming on Disney + in the catalog of Star. The first seven episodes will last one hour each.

Each episode of American Horror Stories, which will always be an anthology series like the show it comes from, will tell a different horror story in each episode.

In some of these episodes, which apparently should be as disturbing as ever, addressing people’s most common fears such as demons, ghosts, killer zombies and more, will return to some of the classic locations of American Horror Story.

In addition, yesterday a short teaser was released that revealed the names of the new actors who join the cast of this horror narrative universe.

  • Aaron Tveit in the role of Adam
  • Gavin Creel in Troy’s
  • Kaia Gerber as Ruby
  • Sierra McCormick like Scarlett
  • Ashley Martin Carter in the role of Rowena
  • Paris Jackson which will be of Maya
  • Belissa Escobedo in the role of Shanti
  • Rhenzy Feliz which we will see as Chad
  • Madison Bailey in the role of Kelley
  • Kyle Red Silverstein as Quinn
  • Amy Grabow like Tipper Gore
  • Virginia Gardner in the role of Bernadette
  • Danny Trejo to play Santa Claus

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