American Horror Stories: the new poster with Rubber Man is online

The new poster is finally online with Rubber Man, one of the most iconic characters of American Horror Story. The new spin-off series, American Horror Stories, will see many well-known faces as protagonists, in a series of episodes linked to myths and legends.

The new American Horror Stories poster featuring Rubber Man is online

Another poster showing the left had already been released earlier this week Murder House and the iconic Rubber Man in a completely red field. This time, however, we always find Rubber Man but in an even more disturbing image. To publish the photo on social media was executive producer Ryan Murphy, who told fans: “It’s not all in your head“.

Below is the poster of American Horror Stories with Rubber Man:

But who is Rubber Man?

Rubber Man, the rubber man, first appears in the eighth episode of the first season of American Horror Story. We know the rubber dress was bought by Chad to try to revive his relationship with Patrick. But then Tate wears the suit and kills Patrick is Chad after they have decided they do not want a child, hoping that the new family that will move into the house will have a child who can then become Nora. The episode ends with the entire sequence of the murders of Chad and Patrick; it turns out that after that Tate killed them, Moira gives him the gun that the couple owned so that Tate can stage a murder / suicide.

Later Hayden agrees with Nora to drive Vivien crazy so they can keep the twins. After various apparitions, Vivien gets nervous and Moira, which he hates Hayden, he tells her of the “Yellow WallpaperAnd that the house is haunted, urging her to leave as long as possible. Vivien and Violet they leave, but are stopped by the ghosts of Fiona is Dallas and they return to the house. Well believe that Vivien is mentally unstable as the police have not found any evidence of anyone breaking into the house.

Vivien steals the gun of Marcy to protect oneself. Hayden convinces Tate to attack Vivien dressed as a rubber man, revealing to him that he is the father of one of the twins. During the attack Vivien accidentally injures Well. When the police come to the house Vivien is taken away.

The spin-off series

American Horror Stories It was first announced last year and we know it will contain many hour-long episodes related to scary myths and legends. The series will also see Sarah Paulson, one of the favorite stars of American Horror Story, direct one of the episodes of the spin-off.

Ryan Murphy is Brad Falchuk are the manufacturers of American Horror Stories together with Alexis Martin Woodall, John J. Gray is Manny Coto. The series is made by 20th Television.

The series will premiere on Hulu the 15th of July.


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