Among Us responds to the copy of Fortnite with its Imposters

Fortnite imposters surprise Among Us

Surely when Epic gave the green light to create the new game mode called Impostors Someone thought that this could end up happening: those responsible for Among Us and millions of users around the world saying that they they had copied the idea.

Well, it has happened, in addition to the hundreds of headlines that refer to the title of Innersloth, now there are several accounts, some of those responsible and developers of the popular game, who have commented on networks that they are surprised that a company like Epic Games has not been able to contribute 10% at least to put their own spin on it or how they copied it.

In the Innersloth founder’s tweet it is stated that they they did not patent the mechanics because they believe that it would not be good for a healthy video game industry, but they would have expected a little more interest to do something more of their own or personal.

Of course you like it more or less and despite having caught the development team of Among Us by surprise, it could be said that that is what it is if they did not protect the work legally. In addition, Among Us was free on the Epic Games Store a few months ago, when the title began to grow in popularity motivated by the confinement situation generated at the beginning of the pandemic.

Perhaps looking at the download data and the interest it aroused served as an idea to develop this new game mode that is sure to be successful within Fornite.

However, it is not the first time that Epic and Fortnite do something for which they receive criticism and the occasional complaint. It already happened with him carlton dance at The Prince of Bel-Air. Alfonso Ribeiro sued Epic, although then he ended up removing it. Which they didn’t do when they sued Matt Geiler for his Dancing Pumpkin Man dance.

Epic Games only cares about Epic Games

As Tom Warren points out in The Verge in a very successful way, this new mode introduced by Epic Games comes at a time when the company continues to fight against Apple for supposed basic freedoms that they believe consumers and developers themselves should have.

However, their copying of the mechanics of a small development studio like Innersloth doesn’t do them much good. Since it is once again a demonstration that the big ones can erase the little ones from the map just by making a copy of what they propose. Your marketing machine will do the rest and no one will remember who came first.

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