Amouranth was left without social networks again after a massive ban

Why was Amouranth banned?

After a few days of bewilderment, it seems that the waters are returning to their course, at least in Twitch. The streaming service has returned the account to the creator of risque content after two days of punishment, although the reasons are still unknown. That is just what the streaming itself denounced in a video posted on its YouTube account, where it assured that it did not know the reasons why its accounts in the three major social networks had been blocked.

With much sarcasm and clarifying that their income comes mainly from OnlyFans and Fansly, the streamer guaranteed that she did not know at all the reasons for the Twitch ban, but that the service probably does not like her broadcasts dressed in the mask of a pigeon or the continuous sucking on a binaural stereo microphone.

A ban that does not stop

In the case of Twitch, it is the fifth time that the streamer has been left without an account, but history repeats itself, so she has regained control of it. This raises certain doubts about the authority of the service itself, which seems to slightly punish large accounts and acts mercilessly against smaller streamers.

If Twitch had the slightest regard for the quality of the streams on its platform (which largely reach underage users), it should cut its losses and prohibit this type of practice, something that at first seemed like it was going to happen, but that everything disappeared the moment they opened a specific channel for the pools and jacuzzis.

They can take my networks, but not the income

The general blackout of Amouranth’s social networks has confirmed something that many already suspected, and that is that the streamer’s income comes directly from other sites. And these sites are neither more nor less than the subscription platforms of patrons such as OnlyFans and Fansly, platforms dedicated to adult content and where Amouranth has a legion of followers, being number 1 in OnlyFans, for example.

His monthly turnover exceeds a million dollars, and the Twitch, TikTok and Instagram networks only account for 3% of his income, so losing them would do him practically no financial damage. Even so, the thing could not end there, since aware that its contents (nor those of other streamers of the style) are not very well accepted in the most popular services, it raises the possibility of opening its own NSFW content company.

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