An alternative to AirPods 3 for less than 50 euros

Headphones are one of the accessories that practically any user needs in their day to day, and in that Apple is one of the best companies that you can access, with a large catalog and of course, with great features. However, the price of your headphones is high, so in this post we want to offer you a guaranteed alternative so that you can save some money and continue enjoying your favorite music and podcasts.

JBL, synonymous with sound quality

As we told you before, Apple has managed to become a benchmark in the world of sound thanks to the steps it has taken and the evolution of its product, the AirPods. Now, that does not mean that there are not other brands that also offer great audio features, and JBL is undoubtedly one of them, being a benchmark for many years.

jbl headphones

That is why, whether you want headphones or speakers, it is one of the brands you can trust without any problem, yes, today we are going to focus on one of its headphones, the JBL Wave 300 TWS. Aesthetically they look very similar to the 2nd generation AirPods, and the truth is that in performance they are very similar to these, as well as to those of the 3rd generation. JBL promises good sound quality, yes, without noise cancellation, for a price that is difficult to find on the market, only 49.99 eurosthat is, a 50% discount from its original price, an offer that, of course, all those users who are looking for good and cheap headphones must take advantage of.

Are they better than AirPods 3?

As you can imagine, at the level of benefits these JBL headphones are no better than the AirPods 3but it is that in the end the price they have is considerably lower than that of these, so it is difficult that with such a large reduction in cost they can equal at least in benefits.

AirPods 3

However, this does not mean that JBL headphones are not a great option, because they are, especially for those people who want or need something at a very low price but who do not want to give up being able to enjoy their good quality music, and also, also have a design that is attractive. Obviously, with JBL headphones you won’t be able to enjoy Apple Music’s own spatial audio or the fantastic synchronization that AirPods have within the entire Apple ecosystem, but in the end you have to keep in mind that these are a range somewhat inferior to those of Apple, with all that this implies and, we emphasize again, with the obvious impact that exists within the price of the product.

Yes indeed, this offer is temporaryso if you are interested in JBL headphones, our recommendation is that you buy them as soon as possible, also, if you are not finally convinced or you expected something different, Amazon offers you up to 30 days of completely free returns, so You will have no problem receiving a refund, as long as they are in perfect condition.

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