An AMD Ryzen CPU for 8 euros? So you can get them in Japan

Although we do not intend to enter into moral and ethical debates, it is true that this news requires it, mainly because the image is so peculiar that transferring it to our society is really complicated and at least in Europe only certain countries could afford it. Do you want an AMD Ryzen CPU? Then insert the money or pay with a card without the need for a seller or shop, play and win.

A lottery that can give you a CPU for only 8 euros

AMD is currently enjoying a sweet sales moment, where the majority of processors sold correspond to the red team. In Japan they have taken advantage of this to give this issue a twist and incidentally make it fun and exciting, since they have created a kind of lottery game where we can win an AMD CPU.

What they have done is simple: use an object vending machine, such as those found in shopping centers and lately in hospitals or bars where we can select a drink or food by pressing a code on the display, where after inserting the relevant money the machine pushes the product and drops it into a box so that it can be removed.

This also happens with various drinks and soft drinks, but Japan is a new level. With this concept in mind, a company dispenses AMD Ryzen CPUs with the same system, that is, all the boxes are empty except a few, where a CPU is inside and if we get the box right, we can win the processor for only 8 euros per change.

These CPUs are first or second generation (also Intel CPUs) despite the fact that the boxes correspond to Ryzen 5000, but we are also talking about processors of hundreds of euros for a minimum bet that rises to 1000 Japanese yen, which is equivalent at 9 dollars, that is, 7.61 euros To the change.

The claim of the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X for 8 euros

In Japan and in much of the world the most demanded CPU is undoubtedly the Ryzen 5 5600X. It is the most sought after, best-selling and most popular Zen 3 processor in the world, so the company in charge of the vending machine lottery system is going to launch the idea with this CPU in mind as a fundamental piece.

And it is that the system is not yet open to the public as such, only a few test machines to make sure how both people and the machine itself are responding, hence the tests with first and second generation CPUs.

The main course logically comes with the Ryzen 5 5600X and later if all goes well the prices for Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 would be adjusted. The idea is certainly good, novel and surely has an important emotion incentive, because the quantity is small and the loot is big, can you imagine a machine like that in your neighborhood or closest shopping center? Surely many would try their luck to acquire an AMD Ryzen CPU for 8 euros.

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