An anti-scalping label on the PS5, a bulletproof Razer helmet, this is the recap

Sony has found a nice trick that could finally put an end to scalpers. A Razer headset deflected a stray bullet, saving the life of its owner. And a first estimate of the price of the subscription which allows you to renew your iPhone every year. Welcome to the recap of Monday, April 14.

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The news of April 14 was largely marked by the news of Tesla and its emblematic CEO, Elon Musk. The car manufacturer, whose Model 3 is still at the top of sales in France, once again announced excellent sales figures, despite very complicated supply conditions for electronic components. This commercial success leads financial analysts to believe that Tesla could become a safe haven stock market like Apple in the coming years. Elon Musk’s firm, which has just inaugurated the Gigafactory where Model Ys for Europe are manufactured, could even be worth more than 4 trillion dollars by 2030. This is a figure that makes your head spin. As for the businessman, he acquired 9.2% of the social network Twitter, which caused a surge in the stock market. But that’s not the information we chose for this April 14 recap.

This Razer headset saves the life of its owner

It’s a terrible story, but it has a happy ending. Jonathan Gonzalez, just 18 years old and living in Torrance, Calif., was saved by his Kraken headset from Razer. While playing the PlayStation, the young man gets up to look at his phone. That’s whena bullet through the window next to where he stands, passes through the glass and comes hit his helmet which falls to the ground. The photos of the damage to the helmet, the window and the wall where the projectile ended up are blood-curdling.

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Sony uses label to fight scalpers

Since its commercial release, the PS5 has suffered severe commercial disruption. Console stocks are low. And the rare copies that arrive on the shelves of online stores are monopolized by resellers equipped with robots. They are commonly called “scalpers”. 18 months after the release of the console, this phenomenon continues, with some scams in the key. To combat these, Sony has devised a label system positioned on the opening of the box. It would thus prevent scammers from opening the boxes to replace them with incongruous objects, but of lesser value.

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iPhone subscription: here is a first idea of ​​​​the price

Today, all products are accessible by subscription. Cine. Hurry. TV show. Video game. Music. So why an iPhone? Instead of paying the new iteration of the smartphone at full price to enjoy it for two or three years and start over, Apple could launch a new subscription service that would allow you to change your smartphone every year. The price would depend on the model: from $35 to $50 per month. An offer reminiscent of Samsung Access and which would also be studied at Google.

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