An Apple 1 prototype created by hand by Wozniak is up for auction

Apple Prototype 1

This news is always interesting. Being able to define the material value of an object that in itself can cost a few dollars, can reach incredible values ​​in the auction market thanks to its history. If that object was created by one of the most influential people in the technology sector today and who was also part of one of the most iconic and valued companies, the price could be historic. That’s what can happen with a Apple 1 prototype hand-welded by Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak was one of the founders of Apple and creator of the Mac. Always resourceful and extremely intelligent as well as eccentric, he has always been critical but at the same time affable with everything that surrounds Apple. The great friend of Steve Jobs, at the time when illusions were more powerful than money, began the project of what would be the future of many users today. They created the Apple 1 and there have been many auctions of many of those models that have reached significant numbers. But right now we come across a prototype that was hand-welded by Wozniak. Therefore, specialists think that the price that can reach at auction will be $500,000.

This prototype was used to show the Apple-1 to Paul Terrell, owner of The Byte Shop, the famous computer store in Mountain View, California. It was in it that sales of the first Apple computer took place. Jobs and Wozniak wanted to sell it for every user to build for themselves, but it was Terrell who convinced them to sell it fully assembled for $666.66.

This Apple-1 prototype is number 2 in the Apple-1 registry and he thought he was lost until very recently. It has been examined and authenticated as real and matched with Polaroid photos taken by Terrell in 1976 and shared by Time magazine in 2012.

Assured success.

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