An Apple-1 sold at auction for $340,100


I guess in California, more than one will have snooped in the attic of the grandfather’s house in search of some useless junk that may be related to Apple. More than anything because a simple computer that is almost 50 years old, a piece of junk that would end up in the rubbish bin anywhere else, can be worth a fortune.

And if not, ask the former owner of the Apple-1 which has been auctioned this week. He has lashed for him neither more nor less than almost three hundred and fifty thousand euros. Too bad my grandfather was from Malaga, and precisely he was not a computer lover. What can we do.

An Apple-1 computer signed by Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniack, has sold this week at auction for more than $340,100. It is part of the first edition of the first Apple computer that was built in 1976 and according to its former owner, it works correctly.

Sold by The AAPL Collection, this Apple-1 unit is 42 years old, and is still a work of art for many. Or at least that is what its new owner must think, since he has not hesitated to bid up to the $340,100 to get it at auction.

The auction seller explained that said Apple-1 unit has been professionally restored both for its originality and for its operation. It is one of the few remaining almost completely original Apple-1 boards in the world, and it is in perfect operating condition.

Unlike most of the Apple-1 computers out there, it contains almost all original componentsProper part and production date to be a genuine Apple-1 “NTI” board. The only exception is the four 74S257 data selector multiplexer ICs which are Texas Instruments parts with 1977 date codes.

It is not known who the buyer was. He has only transpired that he is “an experienced collector of old computers and a fan of Apple in the United States.”

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