An Apple executive ensures that future AirPods will contribute data to the Health app


For Apple, the health of the users of its devices has become almost an obsession. Lately every new series of the Apple watch It includes a new sensor that gives us new data that can help us stay in good condition.

And the Health app iPhone it is also expanding as new versions of iOS emerge. And it seems that in the future, Apple headphones will also provide more data to this application. At least that is what a company executive missed in a recent interview.

Apple’s vice president of technology, Kevin Lynch, has hinted in an extensive interview about Apple’s work and progress in the health field, that Apple could one day use different sensors on AirPods to provide more health data to users.

Today, the iPhone and Apple Watch use a wide range of sensors to provide users with data from Health in an independent way. Additionally, Apple also uses Sensor Fusion, which combines sensor data on board the Apple Watch and iPhone to provide users with a more complete view of their health.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Lynch has hinted that Apple may add the AirPods to the sensor fusion process to provide more health data to Apple users.

It states that the sensor combination To provide health data is a field where there is much to explore, and surely different types of sensors of the AirPods combined with those of the Apple Watch, can provide very interesting data on the movement of the body when walking or running.

Only Apple can think of introducing sensors into headphones to provide data that can help us maintain good health, without a doubt.

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