An Asian city will be the first to create a metaverse, this is all we know

Last week the tech company Facebook revealed his plans to build the metaverse, which according to his plans could become the next generation of the internet, a space for coexistence that would go beyond a social network on a PC, or a smartphone, which would be present in our day to day.

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse is the virtual environment of the future to which it will be possible to enter, instead of simply seeing a screen. In this virtual world it will be possible to carry out any activity with virtual reality devices, augmented reality glasses and applications.

Now we know that other companies are already developing their own digital universes, one of the first examples is in Seoul The authorities of that city announced on November 3 that they are creating their own metaverse, within this platform public services can be given, all in augmented reality, that is, any procedure or requirement is only a matter of using this software that they are developing to access to them.

All these services are valued at approximately $ 3.3 million That is 3.9 million won speaking of local currency, all this information comes from the hand of Yonhap News, a South Korean news agency that also has television networks among other media.

The development of this technology in addition to others that seek improve life of the capital, it is expected that this system will be fully implemented for the year 2030. It is currently promoted as the emotional city of the future by Mayor Oh Se-hoon, in addition to increasing productivity in terms of service resolution.

When will the metaverse begin to operate?

Although it is said that everything must be underway by 2030, they will be launched in stages, it is expected that by the end of next year it will be the launch of the virtual platform, after this they will establish stages, one is concentrated in administrative areas, others are education, economy, culture and tourism.

At the end of this year the pilot program, all this will happen on New Year’s Eve in Bosingak, after this the metaverse will include support for different companies, including a mayor’s office among other benefits.

During the year 2023, it is when the public services, In addition, people can dialogue directly with avatars that will be controlled by government officials to carry out any type of procedure.

For the tourist section, places of interest such as Deoksugung Palace, Gwanghwamun will be included and each of them will have a special area called virtual tourism, in addition historical sites that no longer exist will also be included. based on this metaverse They also plan city festivals so that tourists from all over the world can attend these festivals.


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