An Avatar MMORPG announced by Disney and Tencent!

After Ubisoft’s game, it’s Tencent’s turn to deliver an Avatar game, in the form of an MMORPG for mobiles.

In 2021, Ubisoft announced the upcoming arrival of an adventure game inspired by the film Avatar. Following this promising news, it is Tencent’s turn to take its share of the cake with a mobile game also inspired by the universe of Pandora. The studio will indeed develop an MMORPG in collaboration with Disney, which owns the rights to the franchise. We take stock of everything we know about the game.

Promises and a lot of mysteries

First of all, we know his name. He will be baptized Avatar: Reckoning and should be available this year on iOS and Android mobile devices. It will offer three distinct game modes. The first is a classic single-player story mode, which will allow you to explore parts of Pandora never before seen. There will also be a co-op mode, which will allow you to start games with your friends.

Finally, the third mode, and surely the most important, will be a PvP mode in which many players will compete online. In a statement, Tencent explained that you will be able to “ meet new Na’vi clans fighting to defend their homes, face off against mighty GDR troops seeking to harness the resources of the moon, and meet spectacular alien creatures. »

For the moment, no specific release date, or even a trailer has been shared, and Tencent is being very discreet about the project. We can imagine that it is at a preliminary stage of development, so it will be necessary to be satisfied with the single image available. As a reminder, the second film in the franchise is also expected at the end of the year, a release to celebrate this event is therefore not yet to be ruled out.

Frontiers of Pandora is for this year

If all goes well, this year will also see the title release Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora from Ubisoft. The latter was extremely discreet and did not reveal the content of his adventure. However, it promises to be one of the most ambitious games of this year 2022. We leave you on the trailer shared at E3 2021.

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