An error with the graphics does not let you play on the PC? we solve it

When we work with a team based on Windows 10, a priori everything should go smoothly. But unfortunately and by agents sometimes external to us, problems can appear suddenly and spoil our work day. This is something that can affect almost any component that is part of our PC. It is for all this reason that in these same lines we are going to focus on one of the most important elements, such as the graphics card.

To give us an idea, when referring to the Graphic card, this is a hardware that is responsible for displaying the image seen on the computer screen. Therefore we can say that it is the component that is responsible for making the connection between the monitor itself and the computer. But as we told you, sometimes we can face certain problems related to this specific element.

In addition, these failures can occur regardless of the manufacturer of our device, including the two most popular such as AMD or NVIDIA. In this way, suddenly in Windows 10 we can find error messages such as that the NVIDIA or AMD GPU cannot be detected. This is more common than we would like at first. It is for all this reason that below we are going to give you a series of solutions to try to solve this failure.

Activate the graphics card in Windows

As we have just mentioned, at one point we can find a message on the screen that reads something like the graphics card is not detected, either NVIDIA or AMD. This problem can occur if the graphics card is disabled in the PC’s operating system. Therefore, the first thing we recommend is to take a look at the Device Manager in order to enable the graph, which would be a good starting point. To do this, we first use the Win + X key combination and select Device Manager from the list that appears.

At this point we will have to locate the entry corresponding to Display adapters. Here we can already locate the NVIDIA card or AMD. At that moment we right-click on it and select the Disable option. Once deactivated, we right-click on it again and now we select Enable. This will help us make sure it is up and running.

Next, we restart the computer and once it starts we check if the problem is solved. This we can find out on the one hand if the dreaded message that we discussed earlier no longer appears. In the same way, we will see that if we open photos, videos or start playing with the computer, the image quality will have improved significantly compared to when we had the failure. Otherwise we will see other possible solutions before this problem.

Fix the problem with the graphics card from CMD

Another of the possible solutions that we can use is through a command that we execute from a command prompt window or CMD. Therefore, if enabling the graphics card, As we saw before, does not solve the failure with the GPU, we will have to execute a command and see if this solves the problem. For this that we tell you, we have to open a Command Prompt window with administrator permissions. We do this by typing CMD into the Windows search box and running as administrator. After that we write the following command:

bcdedit /set pciexpress forcedisable

After running this on the command line, we close the window and we restart the computer to see if everything is finally resolved. At this point it can also be effective to reinstall the driver again, as we will see below.

And we cannot forget that this is an error that could accept practically all the uses that we make with the computer. Since the graphics driver is used for everything on a PC, so whether it is for writing in Word, or for play, we are going to run into serious problems.

Install the latest graphics drivers

In the event that none of the above methods work, we can also try something as simple as updating the drivers. In concept we refer to the possibility of downloading the latest drivers, whether from NVIDIA, AMD or any other manufacturer. Of course, first of all we recommend you delete all the previous drivers that are installed on the computer.

In order to achieve this that we tell you, we open the application of Windows Settings, for example through the Win + I key combination and select the Applications category. In Applications and features we scroll down with the mouse wheel and locate the drivers and uninstall them all.

remove drivers

Then we just have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstall process. Of course, once the uninstallation process is finished, we have to install the most recent drivers. For this we recommend you access the official website of the manufacturer of your graphics card and download them from it. But we can also try that it is the operating system itself that installs the drivers by itself automatically. For this we return to the device manager as we saw previously.

Update driver

However, in this specific case, when you click with the right button of the mouse on the entry corresponding to the Display adapters, now we have to opt for the Update driver option. We will see how Windows 10 itself takes care of downloading and installing the latest drivers from the internet.

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