an exclusive Mario Kart in the works?

A leaker suggests that Nintendo is working on Mario Kart 10, the first installment of the franchise exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch will soon celebrate its 5 years of existence in the spring and in terms of games, we can say that it has gone all out. However, many fans are calling for original games, which have been scarce in recent years. On the console, for example, some games have been recycled after their release on Wii U, which is the case with the game Mario kart. A leaker, by the name of Leaky Pandy, has nonetheless published a list of original games, which should soon be released on Nintendo Switch.

In the tweet, among other game names, we can read the line: ” Mariokart 10 / Crossroads. I have been exposed to both names, I am not sure of the final name. It can include multiple IPs. »The first intriguing point concerns the name of the game. Indeed, the last opus to date is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so we did not have Mario kart 9. This could be explained by the release of Mario kart Live Home Circuit, which is an augmented reality version sold with a real figurine.

The second name evoked is that of Crossroads, which literally means at a crossroads. The latter could be related to the fact that there should be several IPs. The game would therefore be at the crossroads between several worlds, several universes. We are not talking about a multiverse, but rather a crossover.

A general melee a la Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Indeed, IP simply means intellectual property, understand by this that characters from other gaming universes will appear in this potential opus. Among the proposals that we have seen pass, our favorites are those that already see Sonic, Mega Man, or Samus Aran as playable characters. As a reminder, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, we can already play with Marie d ‘Animal Crossing, or Link from the franchise Zelda. They are, however, both part of the Nintendo universe.

As of yet, none of this has been confirmed by Nintendo, so this information needs to be taken with huge tweaks. The leaker also specified that all the titles mentioned should not be released in 2022, but only be announced. We can surely expect a revelation during E3 2022, which will be completely virtual. Waiting for, Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 is expected for this year, for our greatest pleasure.

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