an eye tracking specialist could support Sony

World specialist in eye tracking, Tobii announces that it is in negotiations with Sony to provide its eye tracking technology.

Contrary to rumors, February’s State of Play was not dedicated to PSVR 2. After discussing part of its technical sheet at CES 2022, Sony preferred to devote its event to Gran Turismo 7. Behind the scenes, things are progressing and we know a little more about the intentions of the Japanese giant thanks to Tobii. The Swedish group, world leader in eye tracking, claims to be in negotiations with Sony to become the supplier of the PlayStation VR2 eye tracking technology.

In its press release, Tobii merely indicates that discussions are ” In progress “ and that he cannot communicate on the financial aspect. However, the company specifies that it had to make this information public. “in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation”. For its part, Sony has already confirmed that its device includes an eye tracking system. He must propose the foveal rendering for “ensure a high-fidelity visual experience”. On the other hand, the PlayStation manufacturer did not expand on the identity of the supplier of eye tracking technology for its PSVR 2.

Good or bad news?

There are two ways to analyze this information, depending on whether we see the glass half empty or half full. The positive side is that things are progressing and that this announcement at the beginning of the year gives hope for a release before the end of the year. We can also think that the PlayStation VR 2 might not launch for some time.

The fact that Sony has still not chosen a supplier for such a feature is not reassuring. However, this is hardly a surprise and Sony has consistently been cautious. When announcing the features of PSVR 2, the firm explained that it is only” an overview “ of all that awaits the players.

Additionally, component shortages continue to plague the manufacturer and hold back PS5 sales. The PSVR 2 project can however be consoled with the opening of an official site; it goes over the main features of the headset and its Sense controllers.

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