An i7 at the price of i9, this will cost the new Intel gaming CPUs on PC

Intel is currently on the same level when it comes to gaming performance with its perennial rival. The architecture and Zen 3 CPUs compete directly with Intel’s 11 Gen i9, although the latter are at a disadvantage in total number of cores logically, but in the Mainstream segment this is not a problem as such as long as your CPU competes with the the rival in FPS to the same GPU. The 12 Gen that is close to being released is going to change that and mark the tiebreaker before the departure of the Zen 4 CPUs, so sure is Intel of its potential with its new CPUs that it raises the price so much?

Intel will once again become a benchmark in gaming

Intel alder lake

The only possible explanation is a simple deduction: Intel will once again be the king of gaming, at least until the arrival of Zen 3+, a direct competitor of the blue giant for this 2021 and part of 2022. The truth is that the changes that the new CPUs of Pat Gelsinger will undergo are extensive, since for example, they will be the first processors that integrate a big architecture. LITTLE on desktop, the first to implement DDR5 of all market segments and if the first rumors are true, they would also be the first to get PCIe 5.o (seems out of the question, but …)

These arguments seem to be, together with the performance (not forgetting the new 10 nm or Intel 7 as a lithographic process) the excuse or justification (depending on how it is looked at and demonstrated) for one of the new i7 CPUs to be worth almost the same as an i9 of this generation already in stores.

Back to insane prices with Intel’s 12 Gen

The core count has gone up and therefore the overall performance will also rise at Intel, the IPC will also have a strong double-digit increase and this drives the final price. For this reason, Intel is going to raise the cost of its CPUs for Alder Lake, being the prices really absurd. What we are going to see is curious, because for each CPU they offer 3 different prices, so there may be a fairly wide range that we do not understand because the conditions for setting the cost are not specified.

In any case, we will take the highest figures to place ourselves in the worst possible scenario, where for example, the top of the range i9-12900K will cost with taxes included a whopping 736.19 euros. The mid / high range with the i7-12700K as the main reference it would cost 524.61 euros, which puts it within the framework of the current i9-11900K in price.

Finally, the i5-12600K raises its price up to 365.77 euros, so it is more than likely that the new low-end i3s go up from 200 euros. As we can see, the price forks are wide and could refer to a possible adjustment for units purchased, but in any case they will not be cheap processors as such and due to the reference of the i9-11900K, surely the first price set is the one indicated, since it is currently around the 568 euros on average.

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